MycoSymbiotics is a response to Global crisis! We are a team of dedicated fungi enthusiast, on a mission to better our local Ecology and Community through the use of Fungi! Like the Mycelial network we branch out radially covering all aspects of Symbiotic fungi use. We are currently operating production facility where we produce gourmet and medicinal fungi to provide to our local restaurants, markets, and communities. We will be offering a cornucopia of Gourmet Mushrooms, and our Apothecary will provide a multitude of fungal extracts and supplements! We are installing our facility with a home scale microbrewery to add Fungi to the local Pennsylvania brew Culture! Our founder William Padilla-Brown actively educates youth and adults on Fugal Ecology and Cultivation. We keep an eye out in the local forests of Appalachia for new, interesting, and tried and true edible and medicinal to add to our culture library. We are a Fungi Response Team, we personally and responsibly create Myco-Restoration designs using Permaculture for Natural and Human catastrophe (Floods, Fires, Oil Spills, Brown Fields). We also act as an Interdependent Research facility to further advance the expanding Mycological studies. Our Novice Architect Jared Sowers is working on Natural Designs using Mycelium as a building material(A fantastic way to sequester carbon, and in conjunction with plants that uptake heavy metals ie.Hemp we can profitably remediate and sequester heavy metals from large plots of land). Like the mycelium we are always growing learning new methods of working with, or consuming our vectors!

Welcome to MycoSymbiotics 11179919_380827228794879_1169374284_o

2 thoughts on “Greetings from MycoSymbiotics

  1. Hi there, amateur mycologist here. I have been enjoying watching your YouTube channel and am really digging informative videos! I would love to know if you would be willing to send me some spawn? Interested in reishis, turkey tails, lions mane, etc. thanks in advance! “Inoculate and myceliate”!


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