MycoSymbiotics Presents

Fungal Fortune

A Disquisition of the Resiliency of Fungi and their Mushrooms

with William Padilla-Brown

Join us Sunday November 22nd 5pm-7pm at Seppi’s Place in Camp Hill Pennsylvania for a evening of Fungal Fortunes! Mushrooms the treasure of the forest, they have rich cultural histories, and have been behind the composition of our ecosystems. William Padilla-Brown Certified Permaculture designer, and Mycologist will be presenting on the history of fungi, their mushrooms, their relationships with humans, and their potential for enhancing the resiliency of  sustainable systems. Fungi connect above with below as they present comprehensive functioning on all tiers of our current existence.

Topics of the evening will include

11698843_1665024217045142_4626822173536847658_oSoil Creation12028853_1689428537938043_4173816741134312480_o

Mineral, and ORMEs Mining with Fungi

 Food Production




F.E.E. stands for Fair Energy Exchange we do our best to ensure a fair transfer of energy like the fungi. We are offering a Sliding Scale of $10-$25 pay what you can! We also accept trades.

We are offering a Mycophage Dinner for a limited company with a donation RSVP via email MycoSymbiotics@gmail.com

Seppi’s Place 129 N. 19th St. Camp Hill, PA

One thought on “Fungal Fortune

  1. Will, We would like to participate. Is this a family friendly event? Let us know so we can plan accordingly. Also, we’d like to participate in the dinner. How can we help and what will you need from us to contribute.( $ and supply wise)

    Call,email or text me please.

    ✨Peace+Blessings, Justin&Donna Jean Foster.

    Sent from my iPad



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