The 2nd Annual MycoSymbiotics Mushroom & Arts Festival
Ushering in the Symbiocene!!
//Day Tickets will be $10 available at the Festival only//
The main Festival/Camp Area will be at Pine Ridge Camp Grounds in the Michaux State Forest. 2635 Shippensburg Rd, Biglerville, PA 17307
Do you Love Mushrooms?? We do!!! Last year was a Life Changing Event Let’s do it again Bigger, and Better!! Join us August 5-7th for the 2nd Annual MycoSymbiotics Mushroom & Arts Fest! A weekend long Celebration of all things Fungi. There will be workshops on basic mushroom biology, cultivation, mycoremeditaion, Live Arts, Live Music, Yoga, Group Meditations, and Forays led by local Mycophiles! Mycophagies (Mushroom Tastings) Games, Music, Dancing, Talent Show, Spore Print/Culture Giveaways, a cook off, drum circle, Fire, and lots of networking! This is a communal event focused on ecological education!
Forays with Tugrul DeLuce, Olga Tzogas, Michael Weese William Padilla-Brown, Holly Wheat more TBA
//Workshops & Presentations//
Cigarette Decomposition w/ Alex Dorr of Fungi Ally
Oyster Mushroom Cultivation w/ Fungi Ally
Medicinal Mushroom 101 w/ Michael Weese of Mushroomlife
MycoPermaculture w/ Mycosymbiotics
Growing Cordyceps Militaris w/ MycoSymbiotics
Fungal Roles in Soil Health w/ DE Permaculture
Mushrooms 101 w/ Smugtown Mushrooms
Cloning Mushrooms w/ Zachary Samuel of Keystone mycologicals
//Music Line up//
Close To Consideration



//Artists //
Allie Osipov
more TBA
Bottlegourd Herbs
Smugtown Mushrooms
The Higher Consciousness
more TBA
Camp Ground will be provided Bring your own tent, RV, or Camper!
If you would like to participate in the event ex. Run a booth, Sponsor, Host a Workshop etc. call txt or email (717)-557-3774 mycosymbiotics@gmail.com

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