3rd Annual MycoSymbiotics Mushroom & Arts Festival

Join us August 4-6th for the 3nd Annual MycoSymbiotics Mushroom & Arts Fest! A weekend long Celebration of all things Fungi. There will be workshops on basic mushroom biology, cultivation, mycoremediation, Live Arts, Live Music, Yoga, Group Meditations, and Forays led by local Mycophiles! Mycophagies (Mushroom Tastings), Games, Music, Dancing, Talent Show, Spore Print/Culture Giveaways, … Continue reading 3rd Annual MycoSymbiotics Mushroom & Arts Festival

Cordyceps Expedition

  It's time to add more genetics to the collection North American Cordyceps cultures. Enjoy 4 days July 27th-30th in the Beautiful Michaux State forest foraging for Cordyceps with William Padilla-Brown and his team. We will be staying in one of the Beautiful Lodges in the Michuax State Forest, our lodge will be equipped with … Continue reading Cordyceps Expedition

Cordyceps Cultivation Course

The Course Runs from 9:30am-4:00pm There will be a break for lunch.  Vegetarian lunch featuring Cordyceps and local foods will be provided. Get Hands on Cloning, and Starting Cultures from Spore, Expanding Cultures, Preparing Nutrient Medias, Inoculating, Harvesting, and Processing! Take Home a Starter Culture on Agar or Liquid, and an Inoculated Jar. RSVP HERE Cordyceps mushrooms … Continue reading Cordyceps Cultivation Course

Fungi may not have been the first Terrestrial Organism

"Discernment is critical to the upholding of Truth, with the bombardment of information available in the 21st century " -William Padilla-Brown Over the past 4 years I have been working with mushrooms, and studying fungi. Last year began experimenting with the cultivation of Spirulina a cyanobacteria, referred to as microalgae, or marine phytoplankton.  My interest in microalgae has … Continue reading Fungi may not have been the first Terrestrial Organism

2nd Annual MycoSymbiotics Mushroom & Arts Festival

  Presenting The 2nd Annual MycoSymbiotics Mushroom & Arts Festival Ushering in the Symbiocene!! //Day Tickets will be $10 available at the Festival only// The main Festival/Camp Area will be at Pine Ridge Camp Grounds in the Michaux State Forest. 2635 Shippensburg Rd, Biglerville, PA 17307 Do you Love Mushrooms?? We do!!! Last year was a … Continue reading 2nd Annual MycoSymbiotics Mushroom & Arts Festival

Fruiting Cordyceps militaris

Cordyceps militaris is the most commonly collected Cordyceps worldwide! Growing on parasitized Moth Larvae this cordcyeps holds many of the same components as the classically collected Tibetan Coryceps sinensis, and research has shown the militaris to have superior antioxidant effects. With cordyceps, as long as the insect is edible the mummified body contains more medicinal … Continue reading Fruiting Cordyceps militaris