At MycoSymbiotics we are focused on collecting local gourmet and medicinal mushrooms, and adding them to our culture library!

All cultures available on Petri Dishes, most available in Liquid Curlture Syringes. If you are interested in any of our cultures email

Agrocybe agerita (Pioppino) 

From Spore Print

Cordyceps militaris

Found in Duncannon Pennsylvania on Moth Larvae


Flammulina velutipes (Enoki, Velvet Foot, Velvet Shank)

Found on Live Mulberry in Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania


Herecium americanum (Bears Head Tooth)

Unknown host Lake Erie area Pennsylvania

Herecium abeitis (Bears Head)


Herecium erinaceus (Lions Mane)

Found in Oak Stump Camp Hill Pennsylvania

12080205_1692990567581840_1584559388136140388_o (1)

Hypsizygus tessulatus (Shimeji, Beech)

Unknown host 7 Spring Pennsylvania

12045793_1687458508135046_1655099752665261714_o (1)

Hypsizygus ulmarius (Elm Oyster)

Fungi for the People


Ganoderma applanatum (Artist Conk)

Found on Dead Maple 7 Springs Pennsylvania


Ganoderma formosanum (Black Reishi)

Terrestrial Fungi

Ganoderma lucidum (European Reishi)

Terrestrial Fungi

Ganoderma ling zhi (Asian Reishi)

Spore Works, Fungi Perfecti

Ganoderma sesile (Stemless Reishi)

Found on Black Locust stump Lewisberry Pennsylvania


Ganoderma sinese (Black Reishi)

Terrestrial Fungi

Ganoderma tsugae (Hemlock Reishi)

Found on Live Hemlock Pine Grove Furnace Pennsylvania, Unkown Host Rickets Glenn Pennsylvania, Unknown Host Gifford Pinchot State Park Pennsylvania


Grifola frondosa (Maitake)

Found at base of Live Oak Maryland, and Live Oak Pine Grove Furnace Pennsylvania

Lacrifomes officinalis (Agarikon)


Laetiporus sulphereus (Chicken of the Woods)

Unknown host Maryland, Elm Lancaster City Pennsylvania


Lentinula edodes (Shiitake)

3782 Aloha Medicinals, Myco-haus


Lentinus tigrinus (Tiger Sawgill)


Lepista nuda (Blewitt)

Found in Leaf Litter in Gifford Pinchot State Park Pennsylvania

IMG_2945 (1)

Pholiota nameko (Slimy Nameko)


Piptoporus betulinus (Birch Polypore)

Found on Dead Birch in Pine Grove Furnace Pennsylvania


Pleurotus citrinopileatus (Golden Oyster)

Spore Works

Pleurotus djamor (Pink Oyster)

Spore Works


Pleurotus eryngii (King Oyster, Trumpet Oyster)


Pleurotus ostreatus (White, Brown Oyster)

Unkown Host Clarion Area Pennsylvania

Pleurotus pulmonarius (Pheonix Oyster)

Fungi for the People

Stropharia ruguso-annulata (King Stropharia, Wine Cap, Garden Giant)

Fungi for the People

Tolypocladium ophioglossoides (Golden Thread Cordyceps, Black Cordyceps)

Growing from Elaphomyces Granulatus in Pine Grove Furnace Pennsylvania


Trametes versicolor (Turkey Tail)



Volvariella bombycina

Found on Live Maple in Harrisburg Pennsylvania


5 thoughts on “MycoSymbiotics Culture Library

  1. Hey apexgrower I just seen your video advertising the liquid culture syringes. I have a question. For the marked up price can I send a spore or spore syringe to mycosymbiotics and have you create a baby jar or bigger of liquid culture with a filter( don’t know if that possible because of shipping) patch and a injection port, I would prefer not to have the fluffy stuffed animal material patch, yeah I heard some bad things happen when liquid culture touches the fluffy patch and that tyvek holds up better, but I can’t say from personal experience as I’ve nevertheless with liquid culture. If you can do it please let me know via email me at If you say yes I have one more question. My spores come from a spore vendor who commonly calls himself hawkeye. I have ordered from him 3 times before and have no regrets. THANK YOU!


  2. No Morels? Sorry just thought I’d ask, it’s A rare treat to find A Hawaiian Morel growing, but I was thinking regular Morels might do better then most in the nature over here since we should already have some growing out there?! Would you also happen to know if Shiitake,Oysters, or Hen would colonize newer Mango Branches/Logs if I put some LC into A hole and plugged it? Or maybe Older/Mature Lychee Wood/logs/stumps that have dried out completely from being in the sun?


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