Fruiting Cordyceps militaris

Cordyceps militaris is the most commonly collected Cordyceps worldwide! Growing on parasitized Moth Larvae this cordcyeps holds many of the same components as the classically collected Tibetan Coryceps sinensis, and research has shown the militaris to have superior antioxidant effects. With cordyceps, as long as the insect is edible the mummified body contains more medicinal … Continue reading Fruiting Cordyceps militaris

Fungal Fortune

MycoSymbiotics Presents Fungal Fortune A Disquisition of the Resiliency of Fungi and their Mushrooms with William Padilla-Brown Join us Sunday November 22nd 5pm-7pm at Seppi's Place in Camp Hill Pennsylvania for a evening of Fungal Fortunes! Mushrooms the treasure of the forest, they have rich cultural histories, and have been behind the composition of our … Continue reading Fungal Fortune

The Medicinal Properties of the Golden Thread Cordyceps (Tolypocladium Ophioglossoides)

The Golden Thread Cordyceps a.k.a. Black Cordyceps latin name Tolypocladium Ophioglossoides previously Elaphocordyceps Ophioglossoides, and before that Corydceps Ophioglossoides. Cordyceps from the Greek kordyle meaning "club" and ceps for "head." Ophioglossoides is from ophi meaning  "snake" and gloss meaning "tongue." Background Story During a hike to a local spring in the Michaux State Forest in Pennsylvania I first encountered … Continue reading The Medicinal Properties of the Golden Thread Cordyceps (Tolypocladium Ophioglossoides)